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Summer Blue

Happy Summer Solstice! The heat streak finally broke here in D.C., and I was relieved to be able to slip into one of my favorite pairs of jeans. These snakeskin ones are an awesome alternative to khaki or a pair of white jeans, meaning you can literally wear them with anything — other prints, bright colors.. you

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Super National

It has been way too long since I have posted last! So sorry! I was traveling from Tampa to D.C. last week with the Ben & Jerry’s Core Tour, and just got down to business when I arrived in D.C. Good thing business included sightseeing, brunch, and photographing some incredible sunsets. Even though I’m working,

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Wynwood Walls

South Beach is typically known as the place to hang out in Miami when you’re on vacation, and for good reason. But, while South Beach is super fun, if you’re looking to escape for a little bit, I recommend heading out to the Wynwood Art District. Everywhere you turn there is a piece of art on old

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